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Money to maintain and groom trails comes from Trail Permits and snowmobile registration fees. No state general fund tax dollars are used in the program in Michigan. The DNR administers the funds in accordance with policies that are agreed upon by the DNR and the Snowmobile Advisory Work Group. Policies are reviewed and modified as needed.

The Club owns and maintains the Main Barn & Clubhouse on Blindline Road north of M-134 (Cedarville) and the newer Groomer Barn on M-48 north of M-134 (DeT our). The operation and maintenance costs for these two buildings are not funded by the Program. They are club expenses paid by Club membership dues, donations and fundraisers.

Groomers Barn (DeTour )

Dues and grant sponsorship alone do not cover the costs of grooming over 100 miles of trails. The Club sponsors fund raising events to assist in covering our costs. The LCSC is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. Donations to the Club are tax deductible on your income tax return.

Club members attend regular monthly meetings the first Thursday of every month at 7PM in the Cedarville Clubhouse. Contact the Les Cheneaux Snowobile Club to receive your meeting reminder.

The LCSC endorses Ride Safe - Ride Smart snowmobiling. Speed is a contributing factor in nearly all fatal accidents and alcohol is a major contributing factor in snowmobiling fatalities and injuries. The Les Cheneaux Snowmobile Club promotes Zero Tolerance for drinking and snowmobiling.


The Les Cheneaux Snowmobile Club is one of the earliest snowmobile clubs in the state. It was founded in 1967 by local residents who loved snowmobiling. Over rivers, creeks and through the woods on over 100 miles of our groomed trails won’t get you to grandma’s house, but you will ride on some of the nicest trails in the country. Wildlife is plentiful as you ride over I-75 on the snowmobile bridge east through the Hessel/Cedarville area and then to DeTour. Heading north from Cedarville or DeTour the trails join up north of Pickford as you continue to Kinross or the Soo.

The Club is part of the Michigan state-wide trail grooming network and is a member of the Michigan Snowmobile Association and the EUP Snowmobile Council. The MSA and EUPSC work tirelessly to promote and support the sport of snowmobiling. The MSA publishes the "Michigan Snowmobile News" magazine - to learn more visit the MSA website and connect with them on Facebook. The EUPSC publishes a comprehensive trail map that shows all State sanctioned snowmobile trails in the EUP as well as other helpful information. The maps can be found throughout the EUP at many businesses.

As a grant sponsor for the statewide trail system, the Club receives a per mile stipend from the State Snowmobile Trail Fund. This stipend helps cover fuel, normal maintenance, insurance, etc. The groomers belong to the State and the Club agrees to maintain and repair them.

Every fall the LCSC receives funds to cover expenses that the Club is responsible for such as signage, brushing, gates onto private property and repairing trails for the coming season. The Club is also responsible for acquiring easements for the trail system on private property - 80% of Les Cheneaux trails are on private property. A payment is made from the Trail Funds for these easements.

Main Barn & Clubhouse (Cedarville)

The many dedicated members who volunteer their time are at the heart of the LCSC. Their generous spirit, friendship and shared passion for the sport are what make our Club so special. Each year volunteers endure rain, sleet, cold and snowy weather to keep our local trails open. Through their efforts our trails are fun to ride and a proud accomplishment for our Club. There are NO paid employees in the LCSC. Our groomer operators donate100% of their time, which can amount to hundreds of hours per groomer operator each year. Volunteers do make a difference - become involved!

Every December the LCSC offers a snowmobile safety and educational class for young snowmobilers who are between the ages of 12 and 17. The class is taught by certified instructors and participants receive a DNR patch and certificate. There is no charge to attend and parents are also invited to attend. Class size is limited and pre-registration is required. For more information on the safety class schedule email

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